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I’m trying to learn the Distilling puzzle on Puzzle Pirates (AKA YPP) to the point where I can provide expert labour for my girlfriend’s shop.

I’m OK at the puzzle, but the scoring curve has gotten insane because it’s relative to the performance of other players; see https://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?thread=207889 for some ranting about this.

You have to be really excellent to provide expert labour these days, even if you do so by upping your standing rather than trying to get high job scores (which is nearly impossible).

I’m not only not that good at the puzzle, but I’m not good at getting better at this sort of thing.

So here’s me collecting various tutorials, showing what’s at the level I need to learn, for my own use.

As a side comment, I’ve found it incredibly valuable to have a secondary account to practice on.

General Process

  • move stray whites left
  • move browns and blacks right
  • look for upper browns and lower blacks and fix them
  • once your CCs start, make a double column of blacks on the left to use to move whites in
    • keep some browns up top for high-spawning whites

Specific Tutorials

Ryuken’s Illustrated Distilling Guide:

Yassenn’s Distilling Tutorial