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Windows Vs. MacOS

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I currently (2017) use Windows as my desktop at home, and MacOS as my desktop at work. I use Linux for all my serious computer use, as always.

I’ve noticed a few things in each OS that are “gimme”s; simple things that make my life much better that the other OS doesn’t have. This got to annoying me enough to write down.

Windows Doesn’t Have

  • a simple, built-in key combination that I can use to copy an area of the screen into either a file or a paste buffer
  • standard utility key combos that are not valid over a terminal; in MacOS I can draw the mouse over an area of my terminal and hit command-c to copy and this makes sense; on Windows that would be ctrl-c, and that’s a terminal command, so it gets sent to the terminal and ignored by the local OS

MacOS Doesn’t Have

  • a key combination to maximize a window; you can set a combo to do what the green jewel button does, but I find what the green jewel button does to be incredibly obnoxious. I want a key combo to do what double-clicking on the title bar does, and there isn’t such a thing.
  • a key combination to send a window to another attached display
  • a key combination (noticing a theme?) to lock the machine without putting it to sleep
  • a way to tell the OS to not go to sleep when you close the lid (no seriously; this results in basically everybody on the Linux-related teams at Apple walking around all the time with their laptops slightly open so that their SSH sessions won’t be terminated; I’m not even kidding)