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Galactic Empires is, by far, my favorite CCG (I own perhaps a dozen). It is also quite, quite dead; over 20 years now (2017).

As such, finding resources and information on it can be a tad tricky, hence this page.

Whole Sites

Sites that have lots of GE information; much, if not all, of the more specific sections consist of pages from these sites.

  • http://home.inreach.com/skeeve/ge/index.html
  • http://www.bullington.us/galacticempires/
  • http://galacticempires.no-ip.org/GE/

Rules, FAQs, Errata

Eric B. Smith’s site has by far the best versions of these, although they’re available in a few places. In particular, his “2.1” rulebook (basically the 2.0 rulebook with better section linking, organization, and more detail) is quite wonderful.


I’m aware of only one active GE Forum, which is the John Bullington site forum. There’s also a forum linked from skeeve’s, but it’s relatively dead.

Card Lookup

There are a few of these, I think; I’ve been using the Bullington card database.